Why choose Prague Film Institute?

You have decided to study film. You have not yet found your field, so you would like to try out everything  from screenwriting to sound, camera, editing, directing, animation and managing the whole production? And are you thinking about living abroad? In that case Prague Film Institute is just the right school for you. An international film school in Prague. An excellent school in a magical city in the heart of Europe.

Big names of the film world will guide you through your studies – people with lots of experience in the film industry and with excellent teaching skills. They will show you everything in practice in our fully equipped studios that will be at your disposal during the whole time of your studies. A significant majority of the program is composed of practical exercises so that you may gain and maintain your new skills more efficiently.

This film school allows you to choose a study program of one to four semesters as well as summer courses. These will allow you to peek into the film world and help you decide whether you would like to pursue film studies and potentially also choose your preferred subject. There are plenty of programs to choose from, of course. Classical filmmaking, production and post-production and also game design, which has lately become an integral part of many films.

Choose a certified BTEC course so that this period of study can be included in your studies. The sole requirement for studying at this film school is a B2 advanced level of English. If you have a question or need to have something clarified please feel free to contact the Student Administration Office or check out our webpage:

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